Which cameras are compatible with ROBIC?

Phantom HD / FLEX / FLEX 4K for High Speed

Can ROBIC control the camera lens?

Yes, ROBIC has a custom, high-torque follow focus capable of moving from minimum focus to infinity in 0.25 seconds.

What is ROBIC’s range of motion?

We have 4 different models of ROBIC to fulfill a project of any scale. For exact dimensions of motion, please contact us.

How fast is ROBIC?

While ROBIC can move up to twice as fast any robot arm in the industry, its speed is relative to the camera load weight. As a reference, with a Phantom HD and Arri lens, we can move 3 ft in 0.25 seconds.

How much setup time is required?

Setup typically will take 45 minutes from unload to first shot. Depending on the complexity of the shot, it takes 30 minutes or less in between setups for programming and adjustments.

Can ROBIC trigger external devices?

Yes, ROBIC has been designed to accommodate any type of electrical rig, and performs each trigger with a 0.001 second accuracy. This includes air pistons, solenoids, pumps, etc..

Can ROBIC be used on any surface?

Surface usability is determined by the speed needed for each shot. As a general rule, in order to achieve a smooth motion at maximum speed, ROBIC needs a flat, level, and concrete surface - but does not need to be bolted to the floor.

Does ROBIC Team offer any kind of support?

Yes, our team offers technical and creative support to help our clients get the best out of the equipment. For inquiries, please contact us.